Yet, when you open App Store, what greets you is the white screen with "Cannot Connect to App Store" message. Sign out your iCloud account if necessary; If you have tried hard resetting your iPhone, plugging into iTunes but Apple logo continues on iPhone screen, let's solve this common issue below. The above part has talked the easiest way and solve some common iOS 14 problems with solutions that have been proved to be useful by Apple users. But before you use this tool, you should know that it would erase all data and settings on your device. Delete 32-bit apps and then open App Store. An iPhone user complains on Reddit, his iPhone wallpaper is messed up by the notifications. 1. If you fail at the very first start and get a message reading "An error occurred downloading iOS 14" during installing over-the-air, try the fixes below. Remove your SIM card, readjust its seating, and reinsert it Or update the app to the latest version; Have you tried to power off your device to clean all processes on your iOS device? 4. ( And make sure to read the Note under the modes before you start to repair). Some users find their texts are not getting sent and delivered at all on iOS 14 iPhone. 1. Delete any VPN app on your iPhone; Free up iPhone space with iOS 14 new features for App updates. Toggle iMessage off, wait 30 seconds, and toggle back on. What makes you even more off-putting is that your iPhone won't update apps after updating to iOS 14. After upgrading to iOS 14 (beta), Apple forum has some people complaining about freezing or crashing apps on iPhone. It's annoying that iPhone battery runs drain. If yes, cool down iPhone and later use to have a try. Go to "Settings", then to "Safari" and simply disable "Block All Cookies" setting if it is enabled and showing Green. 1. Reboot iOS device and WiFi router; If yes, restore iPhone backup with iTunes. Reset your stuck iPhone to Factory settings; 1. See more features of the program: This tool will get your iPhone in Recovery Mode with only one click. Should You Upgrade to iOS 14: It features great performance enhancement, speed boost and stability improvement, and a great number of new features like Fitness app, new Message features, improved augmented reality support, etc. 4. 3. Do Not Disturb While Driving Not Working, 31. Reset your Network Settings; Check Recent Deleted Folder If you don't constantly update the latest iPhone files to iCloud, just restore iCloud backup to iPhone to get as many as data you can get. Turn off Background App Refresh by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh; Plug the headphones to see if there is sound, and remove the headphones if yes. If you lost the sound with a specific app, for example, the YouTube app, adjust the sound when the app is open. Certainly, you have no need to be panic if you have iPhone backups on computer or iCloud. 2. 3. Step 2. 5. Just head to General -> Settings -> Software Update. Turn off your Bluetooth to see if it becomes normal. This is not a big deal for 64 or 128GB iPhone users. We'll keep updating with any latest issues and errors during and after iOS 14 upgrade. 1. Go to Settings to allow App Store to use Wi-Fi and cellular data. MacX MediaTrans, it freely backups music, photos, videos, movies, TV shows, books, iTunes DRM-protected purchases and more (including jailbroken files) by drag and drop. See more about iPhone Touch ID not working problem. Yes, even the latest iOS has trouble connecting secure Wi-Fi networks. If you already know the process but encounter problems, check Part 1. Connect iPhone iPad to computer > open iTunes on computer > click device icon > Check for Update > Download and Update> Agree the Terms and Conditions. 3. Now fix it: 1. Ensure Location Services are ON (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > ON) Free download Windows version. Recently some iOS users complained about twitter and said, their iPhone iPad stuck on the Apple logo after the iOS 14 update, just like the screenshot shows below: You may be one of Apple users attracted by the new features of iOS, and now you try to update your device to iOS 14. However, you may meet kinds of iOS update problems: iOS not showing up, can’t download new iOS, iPhone stuck on verifying update, etc. Step 3. Step 3. When the recovery process is complete, you will see the Complete page. This is the second time it's happened and this is a pretty big bug. I can still interact with an object that automatically spawns on the screen, but the camera stops updating. 4. 5. To fix this issue, you can: 1. Step 2. Restore iPhone iPad in Recovery Mode to Get Out of Apple Logo Stuck, 3. Worse still, other issues are either no GPS signal at all and slowly updating location signals. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and check your space. Check if there is any wonky widget and disable that widget; iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. 3. I was installing iOS 12. If you have any issues, you can find a solution here. 4. Some users complain about their Safari is forbidden with a 403 forbidden error after iOS 14 upgrading. Here are two measurements of one of my shakuhachis, one for 51cm, and the other for 57cm, but measuring at the same position and height. After you update your iPhone to iOS 14, you will notice that your iPhone screen automatically turns on randomly, even without the notifications, callings, messages, nothing. To solve this issue, you can try: 1. 1. Other iPhone users think that Apple downgrades users' current iPhone iPad to make the newly released iPhone 11 look faster. 4. 2. Check if you have iPhone backup with iTunes. Almost every iPhone iPad user complain about iOS 14 glitches with slow performance. 2. So how to fix the iOS 14 upgrade issues? problems and fixes: Apps like Notifications, Skype for IOS crash and stop working. Though you might be lucky to open App Store and find the apps you need, you still can't get iPhone movie apps, game apps, sports app and more downloaded. Turn off Wifi assist; Check the security system of your computer and temporarily disable it if necessary; Perform a factory reset to your iPhone or iPad. * 1 Update iDevices Over-the-air Disable the Exchange contacts; 4. iOS 14 update problems troubleshooting: That's because App Store is not downloading app on iOS 14 devices. Slower Apps Downloading Speed on iOS 14, 26. When an iPhone update taking forever to download, it means that you can’t update your iPhone normally. The same applies to iOS 14.