Search for the company on the internet, Your email address will not be published. While there is no doubt that albies will shy away from a heavy leader, going too light—say less tan 8-pound test—will usually lead to a lost or dead fish. False albacore are incredibly fast swimmers, able to win in a fin race with any baitfish. False Albacore (Albacore), or little tunny, are not tuna and are not a deep water fish. The smaller 1L or .85 oz versions in silver or blue tape … If you do, it almost guarantees that just as you land your lure off the starboard side the fish will show up 20 yards off the portside. On a cold New Hampshire winter 25 years ago I watched an episode of The Walkers Cay Chronicles filmed at Harkers Island catching false albacore. Albies can absolutely be caught by blind-casting, and there are times that it’s a good idea to keep firing off casts. Miami Fishing, Bonito, Bonita, False Albacore Tuna, Thursday, 1-7-16, Miami Fishing Report & Charters, #Miami. That’s because albies, and indeed all predators, usually prefer to chase after injured baitfish, since they are more easily separated from the school and easier to catch. The fish also seem to be easier to fool under these conditions, perhaps due to the refracting light of the moving water, which disguises the leader. A popular method of catching this species is by using fly-fishing equipment because it is reported to be especially challenging and a lot of fun. In combination with my personal experience and review of scientific research, here are 7 tips to help you catch false albacore. From a boat, being able to make a long cast means you won’t have to run right up on a school and spook them with your engine. If you don’t feel the pop, reel like crazy to take up slack line and come tight to the fish. I was once badly outfished by a partner throwing exactly the same metal lure. When they are focused on eating one food item, anything that isn’t the same size, color and profile will be totally ignored and only a near-perfect match will score a strike. One of the best false albacore fisheries in the world is off the coast of Cape Lookout. Albies, like most members of the tuna and mackerel family, are known for their excellent eyesight. …But Sometimes Slow it Down Technique. Go where the bait is: You won’t find albies if you don’t find their food. The fork-tailed speedster known as the false albacore invades the inshore waters of the East Coast each fall, with action starting off Massachusetts and moving down to the Carolinas. However September is in my opinion the best month for chasing albies. You can generally tell the 2 species apart by their feeding style. For whatever reason, the fish like a high-pressure system with a bit of surface chop to stir up the baitfish. False Albacore, Little Tunny, or Bonito The fish picture to the left is probably the most confused fish around. This species is a blast to catch on a 9-weight fly rod. At these times, there might be only one tactic, lure or style of presentation that is the key to unlocking their jaws. A slower retrieve can help keep your bait in front of feeding fish for a longer period of time, increasing your chance of a hookup. The most popular lures for bonito and false albacore can be broken into three categories: metals, soft plastic baits and epoxy jigs. Albies are often picky with anglers and can be difficult to get a fly in front of, causing the obsession known as “Albie Fever”. However, false albacore will always keep anglers humble. Usually, they live up to their reputation as picky, keen-eyed lure snobs, boiling on bait but ignoring artificials. False albacore migrate to this area come October. When scouting for fish, focus on areas where small baitfish—e.g., bay anchovies, peanut bunker, silversides, or baby butterfish—are abundant. Also, there are times when albies will refuse to hit a fast-moving lure but will go nuts over a slow-twitched bait or even a paused soft plastic or fly allowed to sink in the water column like an injured baitfish. Waquoit: If fish are trending east, Waquoit is a good first place to take a peak, especially if fishing is … Run-and-gun ain’t no fun: If you arrive at the albie grounds to find a dozen boats racing all over the place, look for another place to fish. The false albacore is a member of the wide-ranging tuna family and can be found in subtropical waters around the world. Otherwise, the resistance of the line being pulled sideways through the water may cause a parting of the ways, or the hook may simply fall out. Up one second, down the next, they’ll strike with abandon on the incoming tide and ignore the finest presentations on the dropping tide. Just when you think you have the formula locked down, the attitude of every albie in the area will inexplicably make a 180-degree turn. It’s enough to drive a fisherman crazy. This favors fly-fishermen, who can match the color and diminutive size of almost any baitfish, but spin-fishermen have plenty of artificial options to choose from as well. Start with a long spinning rod (at least 7 feet for boat fishing and 9 feet for shore fishing) that has a soft tip and pair it with a spinning reel loaded with 30-pound-test braided line. Switch ‘em up: It takes a nearly impossible show of willpower to put down your rod and tie on a new lure or fly when albies are busting all around the boat, but the best albie fishermen somehow find it within themselves to keep changing lures until they find the one that works. Blind Pass is one of the best shelling spots in Florida. It’s almost impossible to reel a lure too fast for an albie to catch it, and they often react positively to the straight-line speed of a “fleeing” lure. View All Result . On my first cast, I had a perfect view as one of the biggest albies I’ve ever seen charged up behind my fly, launched from the water, and came down in an explosion of white water—its jaws clamping around my hookless casting bubble. Go where the bait is: You won’t find albies if you don’t find their food. If you’re a spin-fisherman, keep your bail open, your finger on your line, and your eyes peeled, ready to launch a cast. When albies pop up at the surface, you often have only a few seconds to launch a cast into the school. False Albacore (sarda sarda) are known by many names around the world, including Atlantic bonito, little tunny, albie, Atlantic little tuna, Atlantic little tunny, bone-eater, and mackerel tuna. False albacore are incredibly fast swimmers, able to win in a fin race with any baitfish. Many inshore saltwater anglers enjoy fishing for false albacore. I have rarely seen these lures fail to get a follow. From Miami north to Fort Pierce, fly anglers also get in on the action. Last year, few false albacore were around but local anglers caught their share of bonito. And if you are hesitant to put additional pressure on the fish, you will end up exhausting the fish beyond the point of recovery. Bottom line: if the lure you’re using continues to be ignored, don’t fish it. If there is a secret to consistent albie success, it is to embrace their always-changing, two-sided nature. When an albie breaks the leader or the hook pulls free, you’ll usually feel a distinct and sudden “pop”. Keep it tight: Albies have a very crafty trick of ripping off line and suddenly doubling back toward the boat. Distance can be the difference, but it can also represent a trade-off for presentation. February 15, 2021 Florida Inshore Fishing: Catching Bait to Landing Snook, Jacks & False Albacore. The seed was planted, but raising a family prevented such a move, until 2017 when my wife and I bought a place on Harkers. When fishing for sport and you plan to release any fish, it is recommended to use barbless hooks that will make unhooking the fish easier and improve its chance of survival after re-lease. It has been a consistent winner season after season. Just cut it off the snapper rig and use as is or just use the tube and up size the hook. There is a reason why the lingo fishermen use to talk about false albacore sounds like it’s from an out-of-date mental health textbook. August 26, 2016 False albacore are a late season favorite among New England fishermen. F ishing for False Albacore is a group of relatively simple steps, but those steps are non-negotiable. If you are looking to catch albies, then I would encourage you to try the areas mentioned in the above video. Deadly Dick - The "classic" lure for funny fish. Fly-fishermen will never achieve the distance of a spinning-rod-launched metal lure, but they are often the high hooks in an albie blitz. Unlike striped bass, seatrout, or bluefish, albies move fast. You can improve your chances of catching these elusive fish by using the right tactics and techniques. False Albacore is a very popular fish for the recreational fisherman. It is under stress, especially in the last few years, meaning that there are rules to the harvest. Similar to other members of the tuna tribe, albies feed closest to the surface at these times, and seem most willing to take a fly or lure. You can stand out by going larger or choosing a profile or color that doesn’t match what the albies are eating. I instantly fell in love and told myself....someday I will live there. But albies are famously fickle and difficult to catch, which makes hunting them fun and landing one incredibly rewarding. Jetties that stretch far out to sea afford great help in getting to the fish. Sometimes, such as when the albies are feeding on thick clouds of half-inch bay anchovies, matching the predominant bait is just about impossible. More than any other gamefish in the Northeast, albies display a cohesive attitude when they school up and feed. Slashes not slaps: Many anglers mistakenly waste their time casting to surface-busting bluefish in their pursuit of albies—and wind up losing a lot of lures in the process. In my mind, running-and-gunning with a bunch of competing boats takes all the fun out of albie fishing. However, my 25-plus years of chasing these fun, fast and finicky fish have taught me to trust in the effectiveness of a single lure, to the point where I seldom tie on anything else. If you are fishing an area like an inlet or around a navigation buoy and the albies keep appearing within a focused area, then by all means, pepper it with blind casts. If you are reaching fish and swimming metal lures past their noses but failing to get a response, you might want to try soft plastics. …Or Run and Gun The North Carolina state record for false albacore is a 32-pound specimen caught in 2015 off Morehead City.
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